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How To Find A Good Digital Marketing Institute in Patiala

Tejiinfotech and press the bell icon and never miss any update Today we will talk about importance of website and about Digital marketing course in patiala.why do you need it.. Cant you do digital marketing without website? Ofcourse you can do it if you want to But I will recommend you to make you website A domain cost Rs,200 so buy as much good domaion as possible
My father has a company named SS Enterprises,we couldnt get,tried for .in, not available as well Then we tried, not available as well So at last we bought So its possible that you get domain you want. Go to GoDaddy and search for the domain you want to buy If you want to expand your father's business then check if you get a website on his business name or not If you want to make profile then check if you get domain by your name or I have a site named So its possible that you may also get domain by your name, so try it once Then we will less that product and will do SEO of that After that will do Ads After that will track like from where are we getting traffic..the source We will check how the results are coming I will take ayugen Nutrition here and will make you understand with help of this I will tell you take an example of your own And if you dont want to spend money then you can also work on yugen nutrition If anyone of you is interested in doing digitaal marketing of yugen nutrition with me,then tell me above.
I will tell you what you have to do then So whoever has said yes,please mail me at I will tell you how to work to get better SEO ranking of yugen nutrition Those who have said no,I will recommend them to buy domain and hosting as next week we will make a basic website using these two And will try to list your products in that Many of you must be thinking that making website is very toug,how will I do that... We are going to make website on wordpress where you dont need any coding We will do on basic touch and drag... If you have bought domain and buy a hosting,then your work will be done in very less amount Main csting will come when we wil go on AdWords You want to spend money on AdWords or not..thats upto you I will spend money to teach you bassic how to make campaign and what all you can do Thats a farway topic. First we will talk about how to make a website,planning,how to make the UI,UX everything So next week many things will come,that blog may become a little lengthy So please Read the full blog,this and the next week one too So guys this blog ends here,hope you understood everything Dont forget to mail those who are interested,so bye goodnight khuda hafiz shabba khair
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